Psalm 11 – Escaping or Embracing?

Psalm 11

Ever have one of those days when you wanted to crawl under a rock and not come out? When you wanted to hibernate in a cave of despair? When you weren’t sure if you could face one more day of your difficult situation? When you wanted to run away to a deserted tropical island or isolated mountain retreat and never return?

David had more than a few days like that. He received counsel that tempted him to run away to the mountains to escape his enemies instead of running into the arms of God. He was tempted to place his confidence in escaping rather than embracing Yahweh Machseh, God our Refuge. Our safe place that we can flee to when the enemy is shooting his poisonous arrows at us. A place of protection from the lies and attacks that seek to destroy us. An unmovable, unshakable fortress when the rug is being pulled out from under us and our lives are falling apart.

Our lives may be in an uproar, but God doesn’t change. He is always in his holy temple, seated on his heavenly throne. He sees you, he sees the plots of the wicked against you, and one day he will set things right. The hard part is waiting, and, while we wait, to trust God’s righteousness and justice. To seek his face and keep our eyes on him, setting our feet upon a foundation that cannot be destroyed.

In what are you seeking escape instead of the embrace of Yahweh Machseh, God our refuge? Will you stop running and rest in his great love for you?



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