First Impressions

Hi everyone, thanks for following my blog! If you are new, bienvenidos (welcome)! I’ve just returned from a life-changing trip with Azmera ( to Costa Rica where we facilitated a retreat for kingdom-minded cross-cultural workers. It will take a while to process all that God did in that place, but here are a few recurring … Continue reading First Impressions

Psalm 14 – Fools Say “There is no God”

  Someone in my life once made an intentional, foolish, immoral choice. When asked how a professing believer could do such a thing, the person responded that they didn’t believe in God anymore. This is the way of foolishness and moral corruption. We want what we want, regardless of the consequences to others. We cover … Continue reading Psalm 14 – Fools Say “There is no God”

Saturday Doesn’t Last Forever

Darkness. Despair. Dashed hopes and dreams. Between the crucifixion and the resurrection, there was Saturday – a day of bleak despondency for the disciples. In hindsight we know Jesus promised to rise on the third day – but the disciples didn’t understand that yet, and it seemed that the promised Messiah, the Hope of Israel, … Continue reading Saturday Doesn’t Last Forever

Yahweh – The Presence of God

Thanksgiving 2016 – today I am thankful for: Yahweh – our present, accessible God - who is near to those who call on Him (Psalm 145:18) I’m thankful specifically for prayer. Here’s what I’ve learned about it lately: What if prayer is… more about relationship and less about lists? more about what God wants and … Continue reading Yahweh – The Presence of God

Yahweh Rapha – The God who Heals

  It's been said that time heals all wounds. Yeah, not so much. Untended wounds become infected and turn gangrenous. Untended souls become bitter and angry. But God – Yahweh Rapha – cleanses our wounds and heals our souls. What does it mean to be healed? Consider Psalm 103:2-5 (ESV): Bless the Lord, O my soul, and … Continue reading Yahweh Rapha – The God who Heals

Elohim – The God Who Creates New Life

  Children of divorce have it rough. Counselors will tell you that boys are more likely to dabble in drugs and girls are more likely to become promiscuous, seeking love in all the wrong places as a replacement for the security they’ve lost. It doesn’t always turn out that way, but this is the general … Continue reading Elohim – The God Who Creates New Life