First Impressions

Hi everyone, thanks for following my blog! If you are new, bienvenidos (welcome)! I’ve just returned from a life-changing trip with Azmera ( to Costa Rica where we facilitated a retreat for kingdom-minded cross-cultural workers. It will take a while to process all that God did in that place, but here are a few recurring … Continue reading First Impressions

Psalm 14 – Fools Say “There is no God”

  Someone in my life once made an intentional, foolish, immoral choice. When asked how a professing believer could do such a thing, the person responded that they didn’t believe in God anymore. This is the way of foolishness and moral corruption. We want what we want, regardless of the consequences to others. We cover … Continue reading Psalm 14 – Fools Say “There is no God”

5 Lies about the Reasons Why

I’m not an expert on mental health or suicide. If you or someone you know is considering taking their own life, please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 NOW! I’m also not an expert on 13 Reasons Why, the new series exploding on Netflix about a high school girl named Hannah who commits suicide … Continue reading 5 Lies about the Reasons Why

Saturday Doesn’t Last Forever

Darkness. Despair. Dashed hopes and dreams. Between the crucifixion and the resurrection, there was Saturday – a day of bleak despondency for the disciples. In hindsight we know Jesus promised to rise on the third day – but the disciples didn’t understand that yet, and it seemed that the promised Messiah, the Hope of Israel, … Continue reading Saturday Doesn’t Last Forever